Get Savvy...Demystifying Healthcare

Episode 36 – Be An Advocate and Make Proactive Healthcare Decisions for You or a Loved One.

July 05, 2023 Sandy Kibling
Get Savvy...Demystifying Healthcare
Episode 36 – Be An Advocate and Make Proactive Healthcare Decisions for You or a Loved One.
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Show Notes

The providers that care for you are working to do their best but an office visit or hospital stay may make you think otherwise.

The office visit is short, questions unanswered or there is lack of follow up on a medication refill.  Or You may be frustrated with a hospital stay where you experienced hours of delays and multiple requests for care, medication or even an update from a provider.

This would leave anyone feeling frustrated and wanting to say some choice words to the staff, but the truth is we have good providers working in a broken healthcare system. 

This is why knowledge navigating the healthcare system is so important and being an advocate to speak up for what may be going wrong and making sure you and your loved ones are getting the care needed. 

Knowledge is your superpower but even more you need to be an advocate and fight for the rights and best care for your loved one.  How do you do this? 

To get into this topic today, I am excited to have Melissa Mullamphy on the show today.

Melissa holds a masters degree in counseling psychology, and she is a health care expert, advocate, and critically-acclaimed author.  After earning a degree in counseling psychology, she worked in a psychiatric emergency room and headed up various non-profit events and organizations before turning to the corporate world and working as Domestic Operations Manager for one of Warren Buffet’s companies, General Re for nearly two decades. 

She put it all on hold to help her mother during her cancer diagnosis and treatment, she saw first-hand the failures of a broken medical system—a system full of good people working in a critically deficient framework—and has since turned her advocacy to authorship, penning hundreds of critically-lauded articles and posts arguing for ways to improve health care systems and patient care.

She is also the author of Not in Vain, A Promise Kept

Today we will discuss:

1) Melissa shares her story of the loss of her Mother and Dad and what she  uncovered about our broken medical system.
2) Being an advocate for her family in their time of need.
3) 5 Ways to be proactive in making healthcare decisions?


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